Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Jana Weltzin

JDW Counsel
Principal Owner

Session Title: Operating in Legal Recreational Markets and Preparing for Federal Legalization

Time: April 30th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Jana Weltzin was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ms. Weltzin is licensed in Arizona and Alaska and represents over 150 marijuana licenses combined in both the Alaska recreational market and Arizona market. Ms. Weltzin and her team have written and won over 125 marijuana state marijuana license applications and over 100 local land use conditional use permits which are required for marijuana companies to operate in most localities.  Ms. Weltzin's firm focuses its legal practice on land use and zoning law, medical marijuana law in Arizona and recreational marijuana business law and regulation compliance in Alaska. Ms. Weltzin provides representation for her cannabis clientele relating to business structure, permitting/licensing, land use applications and hearings, conditional use permits, investment connections and presentation, regulation compliance, real estate commercial leasing and purchases, operations, and general activism for the cannabis business industry.

Ms. Weltzin played an invaluable role during the 2015-2019 legislative sessions through her work with the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, and as a founding member of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association and Alaskan cannabis businesses advocating for and analyzing proposed cannabis related legislation to ensure sustainable success for the industry.

Ms. Weltzin is a regular contributor to Marijuana Venture Magazine’s legal section and other various publications.

Session Abstract

Attorney Jana Weltzin, owner of JDW Counsel, brings an exclusive and insightful glimpse into the daily challenges and operations of the recreational cannabis market. Operating in the legal recreational market is an everyday challenge. There are many struggles that this industry faces, exclusively. Attorney Weltzin is the leading Cannabis Attorney in the state of Alaska in this session will touch on many of the everyday struggles and what we can look forward and expect in the future as we move towards Federal legalization. Jana Weltzin will discuss real life challenges, pitfalls, and tricks to remaining compliant and successful in an evolving cannabis market. Her experience in raising startup funds, applying for and obtaining licenses, and counsel to direct touch cannabis companies is unrivaled. She will highlight important legal concerns, new developments, and preparation for Federal Legalization. Ms. Weltzin engages the audience and encourages questions throughout the presentation. Her insight into the real-life operations of direct touch cannabis companies will aid in preparing you for entering the legal cannabis industry.