Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Gary House

Dem360, LLC

Session Title: What Cannabis Professionals Need to Know About Video Surveillance

Time: May 28th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Gary founded Dem360 in 2013 to fulfill an unmet market of a one-stop shop, 360° of IT products and services. Gary’s experience with commercial enterprises, private interests, government agencies, and Federal procurements makes him a man of many hats, able to solve technology and security problems. Gary has been working to help standardize security technology within the cannabis space since 2018. Gary has the depth and breadth of experience having designed, installed, and management of over 40 cannabis facilities ranging from retail to manufacturing facilities.  You’ll find Gary riding around the office on a hoverboard with coffee in one hand and his cell in another, sending out proposals until 2 a.m., and managing multiple phone calls at once. When he isn’t working, he likes spending time at the lake with his family.

Session Abstract

This session is designed to introduce IC Realtime and Greenline Cannabis Video Surveillance. Learn about the importance of video surveillance strategy and qualifying the right solution. We will touch on compliance for various states and why selecting the right equipment and the right installation & maintenance partner could be the difference between a successful business or failure.