Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Ash Ganley


Session Title: Optimizing Cannabis Cultivation to Increase Yield and Produce Exceptional Product

Time: Aug 20th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

Professional Summary

Ash has been a leader at the forefront of cannabis LED horticulture since 2011. In his past endeavors, he provided strategic and product consulting to public and private company executive teams, participated in numerous design/build projects and successful cultivation license applications, integrated LED systems design into the cannabis space, led LED cannabis optimization research, which yielded industry-first milestones and results, and developed team building expertise, which helped him form an excellent, high-value, consultation-based sales record.

Session Abstract

Ash Ganley, leader of a multi-state operator that also invests in sustainability tech, will share best practices in facility and design, renovation and day to day operations. Join Ash as he shares how to produce higher yields and superior cannabinoid and terpene profiles while simultaneously lowering carbon footprint and reducing energy use.