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Into the Weeds: A Deep Dive into Cannabis Case Law

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to provide key opportunities and giveback to the Cannabusiness community in this unique time with our NEW B2B seminar series.

This webinar series was developed in an effort to bring serious Cannabusiness professionals more information and educational opportunities, while helping to nurture serious business relationships.

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Into the Weeds: A Deep Dive into Cannabis Case Law

Aug 13th, 2020, 1:30pm EST

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Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting

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In this presentation, Monica will go through Cannabis Tax Law and Cannabis Accounting. Walking attendees through the cases and explaining how we help our cannabis business owner clients have been maneuvering the channels of the tax law as well as trends we are seeing and speed bumps to look out for.

Other Webinar Topics Include:

Regulations & Licensing

Cultivating & Processing

Security & Technology

Banking & Finance

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