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Illinois Cannabis Business Expo Presents- Arbor Botanicals

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace is pleased to have Arbor Botanicals exhibiting at our September Cannabis Business Expo in Rosemont, IL, booth number 312.  Easy. Reliable. Trusted. True water soluble technology!

100% Water Soluble

Their research and development team has created a method that makes oil truly water soluble. Using this technology, they can put oil in an aqueous environment with 100% efficacy. The oil will never come out of solution, creating a product that will never degrade or have any taste. This allows the oil to be completely absorbed as soon as it comes into contact with the membranes inside the body. The formula they use has been rigorously studied and is 100% safe for consumption.

Emulsion vs. Their method

In today’s market, emulsions and lyposomes are used to make products advertised as “water soluble” but water compatible is a more accurate description. These methods break up the oil on the microscopic level using a high concentration of surfactants to keep the oils suspended in the water on a scale not visible to the naked eye. However, the oil is not actually dissolved in the water and therefore is not readily absorbed by the body until it’s been fully digested.

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