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RAE Corporation specializes in the design and production of engineered heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. We take pride in our ability to meet the requirements of even the most discerning customers.

With the introduction of our ZeroCool Systems, we are ready to serve cannabis growers with the same great quality that we are known for in the HVACR industry. ZeroCool Systems are one of the most efficient and versatile cooling and dehumidification packages on the market. With zero overcooling and cutting edge capacity control, these systems can maintain optimal vapor pressure deficits in the grow space during both lights-on and lights-off modes regardless of the fertigation type. These capabilities, combined with our expert knowledge of controls and maintenance, position RAE Corporation to be an industry leader in the world of cannabis cultivation.

ZeroCool Systems modulate hot gas reheat for precise temperature and humidity control in both day and night modes. By having programmable temperatures, this allows for precise environment control permitting less plant stress and preventing the growth of mold and mildew while strengthening the plants resistance to pests and diseases.

ZeroCool Systems offer lower energy costs by having EC Variable Speed/Direct Driven fans. The fans are equipped with flow measurement for reduced flow operation and CFM tracking/reporting. The system also has superior part load efficiency throughout all operating ranges by using DC variable speed compressors with CoreSense Technology. By eliminating auxiliary reheat, the system has lower operating costs.

Each system is customized to meet the exact job needs and customer specific requests allowing for a system that truly meets your growing needs by taking out the guess work.

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