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We are Umbots. We build super smart security products.

Imagine a world where computers can understand what it sees the same way we humans do. Imagine them helping protect our loved ones, businesses, and things we care about.

In the past, video security systems were programmed with predefined rules that relies heavily on geometrics to detect motion or changes. They may have worked in performing simple tasks in generic environments but failed everywhere else. What people actually need is a smart system that works “out of the box” to detect interesting events in any environment, whether indoor or outdoor, desert or snow.

To bring such product to light, we put together a team of talented artificial intelligence purist, designers, researchers, engineers and customer success gurus who are insanely passionate about people and technology. At the end of the day, the one thing that really matters to us, is how many people we helped and if they enjoy using our products and services.

Umbo Light

Light sees people, not lines and pixels on a screen. It looks for human behaviors and is 10x more accurate than other analytics products. It will be the first to let you know when an important event is taking place on your property. You can now finally get alerts on your devices that you will actually pay attention to.


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