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Tom’s Tumbler is the original bladeless trimmer/separator/kief extraction system. It is hands down the most gentle, effective and fast trimmer on the market, and when used properly, hand trimmed quality is easily achieved. Save 80% to 90% of your time and money spent on hand trimmers and still get a hand-trimmed quality. The TTT 2200 System is perfect for medium to large size growers and processors.


Dry trimmer removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently while preserving structure, aroma, trichomes. System trims, separates flowers and extracts pollen with inter changeable. Trim up to 85% faster & preserve your bud. Tom’s Tumbler offers an affordable bladeless trimming & pollen/kief extraction solution for your bud. Tabletop or commercial Tom’s Tumbler is used by growers of all sizes. Trim More, Trim Faster, Trim Gentler.

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