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So, who is TinctureBelle? And why do we do what we do?

It’s been over 6 years since we launched our business. And like many other businesses in Colorado’s marijuana industry, our beginnings were pretty humble. Before regulations and licensing requirements we started out creating our now famous “Fairy Tears” tinctures in our home kitchen. Here’s how it went…One would fill the tincture bottle, slide it across the counter, the other would seal the tincture and slide it back across the counter for labeling. The house often smelled of our products.

After the “treasure hunt” for licensing and registration with the state we began making candies, tinctures, rubs, lotions, lip balms, soaps, “Canna Butter”, in our first licensed kitchen located inside a dispensary. TinctureBelle began as a very small business indeed. A small family owned mom & pop operation. Today we’re still a family owned and operated business, but we have grown. Fortunately, we’ve still kept the family at the core of our business.

Medical Marijuana

As we said, we started out creating products for the medical marijuana community first. And over the years we’ve heard from countless customers about the benefits of our medical marijuana products. Many customers have experienced pain relief, help with inflammation, and in the case of our rubs, solutions to ongoing skin problems that nothing else would help with.

We’re proud to know that for many of our customers our products have helped them solve ongoing issues that nothing else could help them with. Knowing that we’re helping has been a driving force in our continued business to this day.

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