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Terpene Fresh provides premium Cannabis Storing Pouches Engineered to Preserve Trichomes and Terpenes. How You Package and Store Cannabis Matters!

Are you familiar with Modified Atmosphere Packaging ? It is the process of removing the existing atmosphere out of a container, and replacing with an inert gas to extend shelf-life. Quickly, what destroys cannabis the most? UV Light (also emitted from incandescent bulbs), Oxygen and Heat. If you knew this, then why would you subject your flower, edibles or trim to these destructive forces?

At Terpene Fresh our mission is to inform the cannabis industry about the proper practice of packaging cannabis. We do this by cultivating our own cannabis and apply fundamental procedures to prove, with data, how to prevent THC from converting to CBN. Or, simply not to expose your investments to rapid degradation.

From long and short term storage solutions, to transport and custom container design,
Terpene Fresh is here to offer our services. Before making your next machine, pouch or glass jar purchase, contact Terpene Fresh for a FREE consultation.


Metalized Pouches, Humidity Controlled Pouches, Smell Proof Pouches, Long Term Storage for Trichomes. Terpenes, Food and Commodities.

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