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Kasher was created by Swado LLC, a Portland Oregon-based company. We were founded in December 2008, specializing in lighter accessory items. Andrew Sweeney, our company’s founder, invented the Kasher which was patented and released to the market in the summer of 2009. Andrew came up with the idea in early 2007, developed it while in college, then moved to Portland Oregon to launch his business. While he started the company sleeping on his brothers couch, Kashers were a hit. It didn’t take long for Kashers to sweep across the country and find their way into every state. Kashers are now sold in all 50 states, Canada, and Australia, with over one million in revenue sold to date.


We will continue to add effective, affordable lighter accessories to our inventory to achieve this. Our products are designed to be functionally diverse and aesthetically pleasing. We aim to keep our customers well-equipped for any situation by providing innovative, portable, multipurpose tools. Learn more about Kasher’s history below!

Kasher Evolution

OG Kash was the original Kasher created, specifically made to fit snugly around classic Bic lighters. Due to popular demand, OG was followed by our Kasher Plus line which introduced color options.

Later, both the OG and K+ were improved with thicker metal for extra durability, while K+ was also improved with permanent coloring and smoother sliding action.Next, we expanded our Kasher product line to include 2 new types: Kasher Mini for those who carry Bic Mini lighters, and Kasher Klipper specifically to equip Clipper(TM) lighters. Soon after these we completed 2 more developments – what a busy year! We released the special, hand-modified Kasher Titanium.We launched into 2016 with further improvements to OG and K+ Kashers! We listened to your feedback and now those Kashers are made with even thicker metal – nearly twice as thick! (OG and K+ have same metal thickness; difference is in color only.)

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