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We offer everything you need to grow your own medicine & food! Our goal is to offer the education and tools you need to grow your own medicine and food at home, whether you want to grow in soil or with hydroponics.


We lean towards LED lights. Why? Because they last 4 times longer. The prices of LED lights have come down over the past 3 years. They do not generate as much heat as traditional lights, and you can get the same amount of yield from your cannabis crop using LED lights for about 1/4 of the electricity used. We are not knocking HID/HPS setups as here in Oklahoma we can have some cold winters and these lights make a great heater and provide great light.

Grow Tents

Grow ANYWHERE! Want to grow your medicine in a spare closet? Do you even use that dining room space? Want to put that shed or half of your garage to work saving your money. With grow tents and LED lights you can safely grow marijuana in your house or apartment. We have filters to stop the smell from wondering out of the tent. With a 2×4 or a 4×4 grow tent you have the ability to conceal the fact that you have your medicine growing at home.


Are you interested in hydroponics? We believe hydroponics is a great clean options for indoor and year round growing. Hydroponic cannabis plants grow 25-30% faster than traditionally grown plants because the perfect blend of nutrients is delivered directly to the root system. The plant does not need to expend energy on an extensive root system to find the food it needs, so all of its energy goes into upward leaf growth.

We also offer Hydroponics Automation and information systems that can be viewed and controlled directly from your PC, Phone or Tablet.


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