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Their family owned and operated business, based in Nevada City, CA, enables Jon and Larry to preserve the wholesome foods they love. Keep your cannabis products fresh until they are ready to be consumed!

All of our sealer machines are built to withstand repeated use, are repairable, and come with a maintenance kit. We have tested all of our plastics to ensure that are food safe, BPA free, and without any other harsh chemicals that might leach into your food. The Bags and rolls are 5mm thick, which is heavier that most other bags on the market, and they come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of needs.

Shield N Seal continues to innovate, always working to create more effective, cost efficient, and sustainable solutions. The entire team is committed to creating a line of products that will assure quality and safety in preservation. With our minds and hearts focused on the future, we are dedicated to providing versatile and innovative vacuum sealer machines and vacuum sealer bags, high quality customer service, and cost competitive prices to the cannabis industry. At Shield N Seal we continue to bring the ALOHA to you and when you try our products you’ll know, nothing beats Shield N Seal.

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