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Joshua M Covert founded the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers in 2017. Their mission is to be an advocate for marijuana users all over the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers are a full-service cannabis law firm. We take on legal matters when a knowledgeable experienced team of attorneys dedicated to marijuana legal issues is needed. Michigan Cannabis Lawyers can help if you are having issues with CPS, a marijuana charge or have a business interest. Call us today to see if we can help.


We offer a variety of legal services to protect our clients on any cannabis related legal matter.


    On December 15, 2017 the State of Michigan started accepting licenses under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) for 5 different types of cannabis businesses.

    • Testing facility license: Testing cannabis and the products that include it.
    • Processing license: Manufacturing concentrates, topicals and edibles.
    • Secure transport license: Moving cannabis products from facility to facility.
    • Grower license: Cannabis cultivation.
    • Provisioning center license: Selling cannabis products at a store.

    The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers have considerable experience handling all types of criminal cannabis cases in both State and Federal Court. We have handled everything from misdemeanor usage charges all the way up to felony cases involving large grows and dispensaries.

    The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers have experience representing those accused of crimes involving cannabis/marijuana including but not limited to:

    • Usage Of Marijuana MCL 333.7404(2)(d)
    • Possession Of Marijuana MCL 333.7403(2)(d)
    • Possession With Intent To Distribute MCL 333.7401(2)(d)
    • Manufacturing Marijuana MCL 333. 7401(2)(d)
    • Delivery Of Marijuana MCL 333.7401(2)(d)
    • Maintaining a Drug House or Vehicle MCL 333.7405
    • Operating A Motor Vehicle With the Presence MCL 257.625(8)
    • Operating A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence MCL 257.625

    The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers often use the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act as a defense to help those accused of marijuana or cannabis crimes. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act provides an immunity defense in MCL 333.26424 and an affirmative defense in MCL 333.26428.


    Cannabis and the use of medical marihuana is often an important issue in family court cases. We are tenacious in protecting and asserting our client’s interest in family law issues, including custody, visitation and support. Often times, an individual faces discrimination in family courts for their involvement with medical marijuana. The law affords many protections for the use and cultivation of medical marijuana but requires thoughtful and strategic presentation when dealing with such sensitive matters such as child custody and parental visitation.

    We also handle many cases involving Child Protective Services and understand the intricacies of the stages and procedures necessary to ensure that your rights are protected. Accusations of abuse, neglect and failure to protect are serious matters that require the skill and expertise of a qualified attorney. The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers are equipped to effectively stand by your side and fight for you and your family.

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