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LC Solutions Michigan PLLC specializes in accounting and business services for the Medical Cannabis Industry. We can help your business its accounting process, internal controls, bookkeeping, audit trail maintenance, financial reporting, record retention, budgeting and forecasting, and more. Michigan’s Licensing Act (2016) demonstrated the State’s commitment to transparent financial transactions and reporting in this industry. We will help you stay on track!

LC Solutions Michigan is woman owned and operated. We are independent, thorough, and ethical in our application of business and accounting best practices.

Our intent is to help clients in the cannabis industry thrive in in their accounting and reporting processes and develop long term strategies to support business growth, compliance, and financial strength. We are thorough in our application of accounting best practices, and support business integrity and social responsibility. We work hard to help ensure our clients have accurate financial reporting, proper cost accounting, and complete accounting cycle support throughout the year.

LC Solutions Michigan PLLC is committed to hiring only accountants and CPAs who demonstrate positive actions towards the medical cannabis industry and working with clients in a professional, supportive manner. All of our CPAs have former audit and business experience, as well as advanced education in cost accounting, agricultural accounting, and inventory management.

Otter Lake, MI

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Bookkeeping, Section 280E Compliance, Cost Accounting, GAAP Compliance, CPA, and Financial Projections.

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