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Cannabis Cultivation. Many ways to grow your future. With over 15 years of experience selling supplies and helping farmers with their indoor and outdoor cultivations, we know growing.

Be it smaller, room sized family operations to warehouse sized vertical grows with extremely high plant counts, we’ve done it all. We can help you design your production area, find the best genetics for your operation, program your environmental controller and Fertilizer machine, or write the SOP’s for your cultivators to follow.

Understanding the complexities of designing and building a successful and profitable agriculture facility is often the most daunting challenge for a farmer or investor in a new facility. This is particularly true of the Cannabis industry where there aren’t many experts to call upon for professional and reliable advice.

Over the past 15 years, the Humboldt Green team has developed the experience and created the relationships necessary to help guide our customers through this complex and often times nerve-wracking process. As the industry moves toward more sophisticated and more integrated production models, working with an experienced team of professionals becomes that much more important. A successful business plan will require the expertise of numerous professionals and the Humboldt Green team gives our clients access to contractors, architects, and engineers well-seasoned in building cannabis specific facilities.

Licensing & Compliance

Stephen Gieder, Founder of Humboldt Green, North Coast Horticulture Supply, Humboldt Wholesale & iGrow California has created a national cannabis brain trust that has grown from its roots in Humboldt County, California to include national and international relationships with decades of experience. The Humboldt Green team has been supporting cannabis farmers and driving policy in this quickly changing industry, by playing a significant role in drafting land use ordinances in Northern California for commercial outdoor, indoor, and mixed light cannabis cultivation.

Humboldt Green’s experience and guidance will make sure your future business is in compliance from inception, which is the key to implementation of a successful cannabis cultivation operation.

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