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Harvest 360 Technologies LLC is a cannabis IP development company combined with a full-service consulting and management firm that provides sustainable business development solutions. Our value is tied directly to your success. At Harvest 360 Tech we strive to create a customer experience based on trust, loyalty, and exceptional performance.

Our Technologies:


The Athena Protocol, is a four-phased strategy to mitigate and treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) using non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Developed by Todd Scattini, Harvest 360 Technologies CEO. Todd conceptualized treating TBI victims with cannabis after the loss of a dear friend and fellow Army officer, who sustained a TBI in combat.

The Athena Protocol has been briefed to senior military and elected officials, as well as, academics. Todd and his team continue to work tirelessly to set the conditions to conduct clinical trials, academic studies, and develop teams to advance this potentially life-saving concept.

The Athena Protocol is a unique and collaborative project that optimizes the strengths of Harvest 360 Technologies LLC.


Developed by Steve Baugh at Chemistry Mapping, DOTS in a BOX is an innovation that uses multi-tech high-resolution scans of test materials and then applies a mathematical analytical tool, creating a single representative DOT in a 3D spatial model that corresponds to a fingerprint of the complete botanical components of any cannabis sample. Harvest 360 Technologies LLC acquired the technology from Chemistry Mapping earlier this year and has a strategic partnership with the inventor.


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Our Consulting Services:

CAPITAL POSITIONING: Services to help stakeholders make the most informed approach to placing capital in these new and emerging industries, as well as services to help companies fortify and position for financial and operational growth.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING SOLUTIONS: A top-to-bottom approach to market acceleration for brands both new and well-established companies alike to achieve rapid growth and a sustainable market share.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: Harvest 360 Tech deploys best-in-class product development, utilizing a combination of superior food science and gastronomic achievements for varying niche markets. Our approach is based on award-winning and groundbreaking edible and medicinal production.

NEW MARKET PENETRATION: Developmental strategies to build the framework for sustainable cannabis and hemp industry emergence in new markets, as well as sales and distribution channels to take advantage of major opportunities both domestic and international.

OPERATIONS AND ONGOING MANAGEMENT: From startup to turn-around and expansion management, our team possesses the experience and know-how to navigate rapid growth in your mission.

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