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Guardian Alarm offers extensive personal support, and we design custom security systems that best suit your needs. We guarantee the right alarm system for your company regardless of the size, industry or budget concerns. Security is our only business, and we’re here to help your business succeed.

As your cannabis business grows, it will become even more important to insure your assets are safe. Prevent theft or destruction of your property and insure the safety of your employees with our security systems.

Burglar Alarms & Motion Detectors 

Motion Detectors monitor movement within and around your business. Our motion detectors also include settings to adjust movement sensitivity and time delays.

  • Immediate notification when movement is detected
  • Instant and delayed alarm settings
  • Effectively protect restricted areas, large rooms and common areas as well as windows
  • We offer a variety of detectors including recessed and surface mounted option

Door and Window Sensors detect when doors and windows are being opened and includes entry chimes to notify you when people are coming and going when you’re in the building.

  • Immediate notification when a door or window opens or closes
  • Compact, magnetically triggered alarm sounds when door or window is opened
  • Includes entry chime setting when alarm is disarmed
  • We offer a variety of sensors including recessed and surface mounted options

Glass Break Sensors detect the unique frequency of breaking glass from inside your business or facility. Unlike door and window sensors that are triggered by movement, glass break sensors are activated specifically by sound.

  • Alarm sounds when glass is tampered with or broken
  • Effective for buildings with glass or sliding doors and with multiple windows
  • Ideal for comprehensive interior protection

Fire, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Monitors 

Fire and Smoke Detectors safeguard your business with the latest in fire and smoke detection and monitoring. Get the Guardian response at the first hint of smoke.

  • Immediate notification with pulsating alarm when fire or smoke is detected
  • Connects your business to Guardian Alarm’s 24-hour monitoring and dispatch centers
  • We offer a variety of detectors with photoelectric smoke sensing technology and ionization sensor technology

Carbon Monoxide and Gas Detectors protect your business and employees from poisonous and deadly gases, with options to also include methane and propane detectors.

  • Immediate notification with pulsating alarm when carbon monoxide is detected
  • Connects your business to Guardian Alarm’s 24-hour monitoring and dispatch centers
  • We offer a variety of detectors with photoelectric sensing technology and ionization sensor technology
  • We also provide options for detection of methane and propane gases for comprehensive protection

Flood Protection and Temperature Monitoring helps you to avoid sump pump failures, frozen pipes and damaged equipment along with all the costly repairs. With Guardian’s ultra-sensitive water leak detectors you will receive a security alert when there is an increase in moisture or if there is a broken or leaking pipe. And with Guardian’s temperature monitors and sensors you will get notification when there is a danger of pipes, valves, tubing or hoses breaking.

  • Immediate notification with a loud alarm when moisture is detected
  • Connects your business to Guardian Alarm’s 24-hour monitoring and dispatch centers
  • We offer a variety of detectors and detection cables including options to mount to walls or lay on a flat surface
  • Ideal for areas around sump pump, air conditioner drain tubes, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators

Access Control Systems

Control and monitor the security of your business with these state-of-the-art access control systems from Guardian. These advanced security technologies provide access solutions to any size facility. We provide a complete line of access devices including card readers, keypads and electric and magnetic locks. Whether you need a complex access control system or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your business’ needs. Manage all access to your business with an advanced protection system with Guardian as your custodian.

  • Monitor and control who is entering and exiting the building
  • Provide a safer working environment for employees, visitors and clients
  • Control access to an entire facility, specific parts of a building and/or individual rooms
  • Controlled access provides a visual theft deterrence and an added sense of security

Video Monitoring & Surveillance 

If you are looking for advanced interior and exterior protection, now is the perfect time for Guardian Alarm to design a custom video security system for your business regardless of the size, complexity or budget.

Guardian Alarm carries the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders, video storage and off-site remote monitoring systems, along with many more options. With Guardian’s services you can also view live video and receive images of specific activity occurring on the interior or exterior of your facility anytime, anywhere.

Equipment Options:

  • Guardian DVR
  • Indoor and Outdoor cameras
  • Long-zoom lenses for extreme distances
  • Low-light cameras to enhance night vision
  • High-resolution cameras to capture details
  • Pan-tilt-zoom controllable dome cameras with 360-degree rotation
  • Bullet-proof camera casings to prevent destruction and tampering
  • Guardian offers the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders, video storage and off-site remote monitoring systems


  • Effective monitoring of key areas
  • Video surveillance system provides visual theft deterrence
  • All of our systems are fully customizable
  • Guardian DVR eliminates a physical DVR which is vulnerable to being stolen, corrupted or destroyed. Our service works with your present high-speed, broadband connection and router.

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