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Powerful Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights.

Our goal is to create the best possible lighting fixtures. Our engineers have developed and continue pushing the limits of LED grow lighting.

GL600 LED Grow Light

GL600 LED Grow light is a compact design offered with an integrated driver. All parts of the fixture are clear anodized and hardware is stainless steel to avoid corrosion. It is designed for easy suspended mount using eye bolts. No Additional assembly is required as the fixture is ready for installation and intended use. All electrical connections are protected for safe and reliable operation of the fixture.

GL600 is manufactured as an aluminum extrusion for excellent thermal management . The LED boards mount directly to the extrusion with all wiring from LED boards to the drivers.

GL600 Benefits Over HPS

Savings: Saves approximately 40% on electricity. No electric spikes compared to HID lighting. Saves 50% or more on heat. Compared to HID. Does not produce thermal nigh time infrared and no smell.

Replacement Cost: HID lighting lamps must be changed every year at $70 per fixture. LED comes with a 5-Year Warranty. Cost of HID in a 10,000 SF building = 200 light x $70 = $14,000 x 5 years = $70,000

Full Spectrum: The GL600 Full Spectrum means that the same fixture can do both growing and budding. This is a huge step forward over previous LED grow fixture that could not do this.

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