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Grow Like Joe specialize in Gold Crown Seeds & Horticultural Services. Tap into the immense knowledge of Joe about everything hash and weed, his groundbreaking work with photoperiodism and his no-nonsense style against the dutch fraud of lighting schedule plus feminized and autoflowering seeds.


100% Organic Leaf Wash

All Per-Plus: It works great for Spider-Mites & Eggs, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, White Flies, Mealybugs, Powdery Mildew, Mold, Root Rot – even fleas and ticks. The key ingredients of All Per-Plus are derived from the natural elements of plants, with no chemicals added. Like it is intended by nature. It is not harmful to smell, taste, or touch.

Its components are essential for humans and plants alike as we are one with nature. It helps to build and heal the plants natural immune system – through its roots and leaves. It can be used in any stage of growth from seedling to the day of harvest with no aftertaste. Your plants will appreciate it and will definitely show it.

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