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We are Floraplex, a supplier of high-grade terpenes for use as flavoring and fragrance agents. The term terpene refers to a large group of organic compounds that are produced by a wide variety of plants and some insects. Terpenes typically possess strong aromatic properties which make them incredibly useful for adding pleasant scents to products. Flavor is often another characteristic associated with terpenes; many of them contribute to familiar flavors such as those found in citrus fruits. The combination of scent and flavor make terpenes an extremely valuable addition to a diverse group of products ranging from food additives to bath products.

Adding terpenes to your manufacturing can give an otherwise bland and uninteresting product a unique and enticing profile, ultimately increasing its value. Terpenes serve as a very affordable way to quickly and effectively alter your product in a desirable way and increase your profit margin.

Our pure and true terpenes are of the absolute highest quality – our team has worked tirelessly to recreate a diverse selection of some of the most popular terpene profiles blends. We have been able to create terpene blends that once added to your product, will mimic the flavor and effect of your choice. Enhancing your products with terpenes can provide your consumer with the flavor and experience that they are looking for. When you use our pre-made terpene blends you can count on the being consistent each and every time.

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