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11125 Yankee St. Suite B Centerville, OH 45458


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Extreme Microbial Solutions is the innovative leader in indoor air and surface purification. We provide non-toxic, chemical free, active and continuous purification solutions tailored to our clients needs.

From your germination, nursery, grow out, cutting, drying and packing rooms we attack and reduce the molds, mildew, fungus, bacteria and VOCs within your facility by up to 99.9%. We provide continuous protection 24/7 to help INCREASE both the YIELD and QUALITY of the plants in your indoor grow facility without any loss of terpenes.

Our mission is simple.

Ensuring a healthier planet…One indoor environment at a time.

We seek and develop technologies and solutions to reduce or eliminate contaminants within all indoor environments. We have a host of proven solutions to attack mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and VOCs.

Extreme Microbial Technologies was established in Centerville Ohio after many years of applying, detailed testing and validating our solutions in real world situations. Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge products from around the world. We have worked with a variety of different industries and institutions including indoor grow & greenhouses, hatcheries, food processing, food storage, grocery stores, pharmaceutical, schools, fitness centers, restaurants, healthcare, professional offices, and even individual homes.

Whatever the contaminant you are facing, we can help.

Brands: Extreme Microbial Technologies, Puradigm, Micronview, Bactiscan, EasyTesters.

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