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Our drying solutions are tailored to Cannabis based products including CBD Powders. We work directly with end-users and manufacturers of evaporation equipment.

Spray Drying Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

What is spray Drying?

Spray drying is the process of spraying a liquid raw material into a heated drying chamber causing the liquid to evaporate to produce a powder product.

How does spray drying benefit cannabis products?

Spray Drying allows for several unique processing techniques providing benefits like:

  • No Harmful Processing Chemicals
  • Full Spectrum Plant Benefits
  • Protected Volatiles (i.e. Terpenes)
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Improved Bio-Availability

Full Spectrum Benefits

Spray drying preserves the integrity of the “whole” plant during processing which means the finished product benefits from the full spectrum of the raw material benefits.

No Harmful Chemicals

Spray drying does not require harmful process chemicals to convert liquid to powder unlike other processing techniques.

Improve Bio-Availability

Atomization of the raw material results in the formation of microscopic droplets that form tiny dust particles when dried. Studies have shown that these tiny particles improve bio-availability of spray dried cannabinoid products.

Protect Volatile Compounds

Nano-Encapsulation is a technique used to protect volatile compounds in cannabinoid products. Studies have shown dramatic improvements to stability of terpene and other volatile compounds in spray dried cannabinoid products.

Other Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

New Spray Dryers:

  • Variety of atomization options
  • Several encapsulation methods
  • Agglomeration optional
  • Remote reporting capability

Spray Dryer Technology:

  • 5% higher yields
  • 15% lower energy costs
  • 10% more capacity
  • Real-time yield reports

Spray Dryer Upgrades:

  • Less than 2 year ROI
  • Free system audits
  • Guaranteed results

Contract Spray Drying:

  • Fast turn-around
  • No commitments
  • Evaluation samples

Don’t choose EnviroStar just because of our drying solutions, choose EnviroStar because of our commitment to:

  • Strict NDA adherence
  • Formulation support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Responsive communication
  • GMP experience
  • Regulatory knowledge

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