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Dutch Master(TM) is a family owned and operated brand, born in 1998 to provide a high-quality range of cannabis-specific nutrients and additives previously unseen within the hydroponics sector.

The Gold Range of nutrients, additives and foliar sprays was released in 2005 and became an international success with cannabis growers in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. Fast forward to 2014, Dutch Master HQ moved to Bellevue Washington to be on the ground in a state where commercial cannabis production had now been legalized, allowing R&D to continue on a grand scale. Finally, 2016 saw the official release of the Commercial Edition products, now sold direct to domestic and commercial cannabis cultivators, as we, along with the cannabis industry, continue to make history!

Dutch Master nutrient products are now being manufactured in the U.S.A., under strict licensing guidelines, by Fujifilm U.S.A. Alignment with this multi-billion dollar global corporation will see Dutch Master nutrient products manufactured using high quality pharmaceutical and laboratory reagent grade elements, in a world-class facility in Chicago U.S.A., certified under ISO standards 13485, 14001 and 9001, with Fujifilm’s facility and business practices meeting eco-friendly ‘green’ requirements and standards for the manufacture of medical grade chemicals.

Fujifilm’s extensive fine filtering and use of top grade elements ensure a perfectly clean product that have no detectible heavy metals and will not build excessive salt scum or clog sprayers. Dutch Master scientists liaise directly with Fujifilm laboratory staff in Chicago, utilizing the their state-of-the-art scientific center to ensure all recipes and processes are strictly adhered to, guaranteeing our customers a quality and consistency never before seen in cannabis-specific plant nutrition!

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