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DripRight is a sustainably focused company aimed at delivering growers fresh but effective watering and feeding products. Our innovations are simple to use and deliver substantial costs savings to growers of many different plants, including cannabis.

HydroLock Irrigation Kits:

HydroLock is the most advanced top feeding solution for all plants. As engineers and growing enthusiasts, we have found many problems with watering products that lead to disappointing results. HydroLock has been designed out of necessity to offer gardeners and plants a refreshing and effective watering experience. HydroLock is a robust but sleak structure made from UV Stabilized BPA free plastic that will last season after season. Simply put, this thing is tough. It will not break, warp, or crack under normal circumstances. It has no sharp edges and is made to be safe for all plants and applications.

HydroLock saves water by eliminating overspray, flooding, and water channeling. The precision of the Tornado Mist Sprayer allows growers to dial the system in perfectly to drastically reduce waste. HydroLock’s structure locks water into the growing medium, preventing unwanted evaporation and reducing humidity within indoor or greenhouse settings.

Whether you already have irrigation, or are considering options to convert from hand watering, HydroLock covered irrigation systems are an all-around great solution. HydroLock is smart watering that provides aggressive growth while saving you time and money. Irrigate like a PRO today.

Commercial Wholesale:

HydroLock Covered Irrigation offers commercial growers the ability to conserve water and cut down on overall production costs tremendously.

With several different purchasing options, our commercial systems can produce a substantial ROI from day one of installation. We work with the best installation partners east to west to ensure our systems are installed to perfection. Whether you are interested in converting to irrigation all together, or have an existing irrigation system and would like to learn more about our commercial products pricing, please contact us.


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