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Dr. Seeds provides feminized seeds, CBD feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, and clones.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds are bred by pollinating a female cannabis plant, with a hermaphrodite (both male and female sex) cannabis plant. The resulting seeds from the union will be genetically predisposed to produce only female plants. Since only female plants generate bud, and because male plants can pollinate and ruin female plants, having only female plants in a garden is highly desirable.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds do not need a decrease in available hours of light to trigger them to flower. Instead, they’re genetically programmed to bloom at a specific point in their life cycle even if the lights are on around the clock. This makes it easier for novice growers to reach a quick harvest while they learn, even if they don’t have a fully furnished grow room. More experienced growers can get a lot of value out of autoflowering seeds, too. In grow rooms, they can be sprinkled in with photoperiod plants during the vegetative stage for variety or an early harvest while more traditional plants are just starting to flower. Outside, most will germinate quickly, adapt well to harsh conditions and grow rapidly as soon as they take root. This helps both backyard and guerrilla growers complete multiple runs during a single season if the need arises.

Feminized CBD Seeds

These seeds produce plants with dramatically higher CBD than average. Increasing the amount of CBD in relation to THC in cannabis reduces the pyschoactive effects of the THC. Also, greater CBD is desirable for treating medical ailments.

Dr. Seeds: Girl Scout Cookies
Dr. Seeds: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies boasts a quick onset and a soaring, cerebral head rush followed by a long-lasting body high during the plateau phase. If you like a complex, multi-faceted strain that defies your expectations, this little number is a terrific option.

Dr. Seeds: White Widow
Dr. Seeds: White Widow

Once cured or concentrated, White Widow's balance of Indica and Sativa genetics shine through in her expansive cerebral high. She hits instantly and with force, delivering a happy dose of euphoria and a bright burst of energy followed by a strong, full-body buzz.

Dr. Seeds: 24K Gold
Dr. Seeds: 24K Gold

24K Gold's high is surprisingly upbeat and happy for a marijuana seed with a heavy Indica lean. There is a healthy dose of physical relaxation, but you won't be able to miss the euphoric head buzz that's much more like the feeling you get from a high-quality Sativa. However, there's no trip to go with the bliss.

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