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We are a company specializing in high THCV products. THCV is a cannabinoid that is extremely rare and believed to have many medicinal qualities. Our vape pens are 25%-30% THCV, and are cultivated with Soil & Sun.

THCV is All-Natural and 100% Plant Based

THCV is a natural compound found in rare varieties of the cannabis plant. California Cannabinoids(TM) believes in harnessing the true power of nature by offering full-plant extracts.

THCV Antagonizes the CB1 Receptor

THCV engages the brain’s cannabinoid receptors in a unique way. Unlike THC, which has a distinct and potent psychoactive effect on the user, THCV can quiet those same brain receptors — known as CB1 receptors — which offers mood elevation without mental foggyness.

THCV Supports Normal Blood Sugar

By engaging the endocannabinoid system in your body, THCV can help your body maintain balanced glycemic levels.

THCV Is Different From the Stuff That Gets You “High”

In small amounts, THCV in its pure form is not psychoactive – it’s different from 9THC, which is the main psychoactive component of most cannabis products.

THCV Can Help You Stay Loyal To Your New Diet

Anyone who’s ever set a summer bikini challenge knows the difficulty of dieting in real life. Fortunately, THCV may help you maintain that normal eating habits.

THCV Promotes Normal Bone Growth

THCV is one of the rare cannabinoids that promotes normal bone cell growth. Current research is even exploring how THCV might benefit those with osteoporosis.

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