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Connoisseur Concentrates presents The Solution, Organic Terpenes and Mr Extractor, Personal HyperPassive Butane Extraction System.

Connoisseur Concentrates has been developing products for the cannabis industry since early 2014. The Mr. Extractor – is a hyper passive closed loop system built to provide effective and efficient extraction without the need for excessive equipment. The Solution – Has been providing vape connoisseurs with an effective alternative to conventional PG and other ingredients.

Closed loop systems have become quite an important piece of equipment in the extractions industry. For those who still don’t know: A closed loop extraction system is meant to replace the common open blast method in which butane or another non-polar solvent is propelled to dissolve the desired compounds from the cannabis plant or any other usable plant material.

We originally began development of an active system using modern equipment at the time, however we quickly saw the many issues that were rising from the methods and technology. Issues such as high pressures, uncertain materials, leaking HVACs, and even worse: potential contamination of the extract. We decided that the model in development was not meeting up to our standards and after a long road we chose to replace our concept with one that would be built from the ground up.

What sets the Mr. Extractor apart from other closed loop systems?

We built the Mr. extractor as basically an all in one unit. With only a vacuum pump needed to reduce the atmosphere in the system for filling, the machine is designed to be fully opeated without the need for extra hoses, fittings, exterior tanks, HVAC pumps, and excessive parts. We felt there was no need for excessive complexity. To us, every opening, valve, and fitting becomes a potential weak/leak point or potential place for contamination when used throughout the life expectancy of the machine. We considered this when producing the Mr. Extractor and so we actively sought out ways to reduce and simplify the design. We often hear ‘you can get more parts for less from other companies’. In our opinion it’s not more parts that are needed, it’s less: less parts to maintain but with equal or more substantial results.

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