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CGEE specializes in indoor Cannabis grow rooms. The most successful growers invest in their HVAC system from the beginning for a good reason. Too many growers learn the hard way that mold, poor indoor air quality, and excess heat can all reduce or even vanquish entire crops. Call us today to get a custom-designed solution that will optimize your plants’ growth and yields.

Meet Our Team

Brad Hindes

Brad Hindes has been in the HVAC industry for 35+ years. He graduated from Texas Tech with a Mechanical Engineering degree. His background has given him a great degree of understanding in applied equipment and controls as well as a very good understanding of unitary equipment. Brad was fortunate to have worked both as a HVAC design engineer and a mechanical contractor earlier in his career. in the HVAC industry. He has been involved in the manufacturers representative & wholesale business for over 25 years.

A good portions of his experience has been working with the Indoor Swimming Pool industry along with the a very technical area of 100% outside air ventilation equipment. Both fields of the HVAC industry require a extreme understanding of dehumidification and indoor air environment design and equipment capabilities.

This experience was perfect for the Commercial Indoor Garden industry. He has now spent the past few years working and developing systems and equipment especially designed to meet the demands of the indoor environments of Indoor Gardens. You will appreciate his understanding of the growers needs and the requirement of flexibility with new and existing grow facilities.

Duro Watt
Vice President:

Mr. Watt has been in the HVAC industry for the past 35+ years and was fortunate to have been involved in field installation, HVAC equipment sales and engineering.
Duro has had the opportunity to have many years of experience both in the office and in the construction of HVAC systems. The first 10 years were spent in the installation side of the business where he installed HVAC systems for a larger Design Build mechanical contractor. Understanding how projects and systems are installed is important to determining the correct dehumidification system for each project.

For the past 20 years he has been involved in the sales and installation of dehumidification equipment for indoor swimming pools. There is no facility that requires a higher level of dehumidification and Indoor Air Quality control than a chlorinated indoor swimming pool. With more than 100 installations of dehumidification equipment, Duro has become extremely knowledgeable with the demands of high dehumidification and requirements indoor environments. The transition from the indoor swimming pool business to the Commercial Indoor Garden industry has been a natural transition.

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