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Founded in 1997, Boveda Inc. is the global leader in 2-way humidity control for a multitude of industries and applications. Our patented products allow companies and end-users to preserve moisture-sensitive products over extended periods of time with zero maintenance.

Various Boveda RH (relative humidity) levels are currently used in premium tobacco, musical instrument, medical device, food, electronic and herbal medicine markets. Boveda continues to diligently research other applications in order to provide the product integrity critical to quality, consistency and brand.

Boveda is the inventor and patent holder of 2-way humidity control for packaging. For the last 8 years of our 19 year existence, our 58% and 62% relative humidity Boveda has changed the way cannabis is cured, stored and merchandised. We’re thankful to have been trusted and praised by thousands of cultivators, processors, dispensaries and cannabis fans for maximizing their products and profits.

Cannabis in a sealed container With Boveda retains 15% more terpenes than the same container without Boveda inside. Why? Cannabis needs active, precise 2-way humidity control adding and removing moisture to maintain an unchanging moisture content to prevent the loss of terpenes through micro evaporation. And by stabilizing the weight, you’ll no longer lose the average of 10% of your inventory to evaporation.

Company details
Headquarters Minnetonka, Minnesota
Year founded 1997
Company type Privately Held
Company size 11-50 employees
Specialties Precise humidity control for packaging, Herbal medicine curing and long-term storage, Protection and re-conditioning of wooden instruments, and Preservation of tea, coffee and spices
Brands: Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control

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