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Only one in ten venture funded start-ups is successful. Six will go out of business, three will be acquired at a loss or a small profit, and one will achieve a significant liquidity event, either through an IPO or an acquisition that delivers a major return.

There are several factors that can impact the success of technology companies, and some are outside of anyone’s control. But the one factor shared by all successful tech companies, large or small, is the ability to quickly achieve product-market fit and effectively scale product development efforts.

With over 25 years experience building successful start-ups and delivering high impact products, Blackstar helps organizations with the following:

  • innovation and speed-to-market with proven best practices;
  • objective assessment of product and market viability;
  • user experience and market research with actionable insights;
  • leadership and team performance coaching;
  • strategic product planning based on empirical, qualitative evidence;
  • systems architecture design.

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