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10475 Crosspoint Blvd, Ste 250, Indianapolis, IN 46256, USA


(855) 442-2237

Access Point ATM programs are designed to give you more flexibility with your ATM revenue.

We have several different programs to choose from but with your type of business, the Purchase option is best. You can purchase a new 1000-note ATM near cost (approx. $2,500). You set the surcharge to whatever you want and you get 100% of that surcharge. We charge a low flat fee of $50 /month instead of taking any of your surcharge. That equates to 17 transactions for us and the rest for you (based on a $3 surcharge). If you decide you want us to also load the ATM, we have a team standing by in your area ready to load their cash in your ATM. The cost for us to load is $1.50 per transaction.  

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