Chicago Seminars

Regulation, Legislative, and Business Services Seminars

  • Licensing; Medical or Recreational?
  • Michigan Medical Marijuana Micro Licensing
  • Legal Entity and Facility Design Options to Minimize Taxation
  • Preparing a Business Strategy for the Federal Removal of Cannabis from Schedule 1
  • The Municipal Approval Process for Cannabis Facilities
  • Keeping up with Changing Medical Marijuana Regulations
  • An Introduction to Michigan’s Cannabis Recreational Use Regulations
  • Regulatory Compliance & Safety Planning
  • Cannabis Business Planning; From Licensing to Long Term Strategic Goals

Technology & Security Implementation Seminars

  • Identifying and Controlling Risk in Cannabis Business Operations
  • Implementing Software to Optimize Cannabis Operations
  • Integrating Technology within Cannabis Operations for Security, Safety, Production and Regulatory Compliance
  • The Secrets to Comprehensive Cannabis Operations Security
  • Dispensary Security; Establishing Best Practices in Security Management Meeting Compliance Regulations and Beyond
  • Cannabis Secured Transport
  • Security Planning for Medical Provisioning Centers; From On-Demand services to 24/7

Market Expansion and Business Growth Seminars

  • Cannabis Business Development through Municipal Initiatives
  • Elevating Your Business with Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • Business Building Through Enhanced User Experience and Branding

Growing and Processing Seminars

  • 5 Factors to Successful Cultivation Facility Design and Construction
  • Extract Purification: Maximizing the Value of Cannabis Product
  • Optimizing Commercial Growing Operations for Productivity & Cost Savings with Organic Nutrients
  • The Spectrum of Extraction Methods Explained
  • Selecting Technology to Optimize Cannabis Operations
  • Optimizing LED Lighting by its Spectral Composition
  • Go Solar. Improving Your Bottom Line; ROI, Tax Credits, & Facility Considerations
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