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Critical Cleaning of Cannabis and Other Botanical Residues

Abstract The cannabis industry presents many very specialized and potentially difficult cleaning challenges, from the laboratory all the way through sophisticated large-scale commercial manufacturing processes. The sticky resins encountered every step along the process are legend. This paper focuses on the critical cleaning of a wide range of hard surfaces... Read more »

Expo 101; Trade Show Success Through Preparation

Expo 101; Trade Show Success Through Preparation By: Cannabis Industrial Marketplace An easy to read and informative document to help get the most value out of exhibiting at any trade show. Targeted goal setting is covered and you will learn about: Preparation - What to do Before the Expo Your... Read more »

The Environmental Impacts of the Marijuana Industry

Executive Summary Marihuana cultivation and processing are expanding, as both recreational and medical marihuana products are being legalized across the United States of America (U.S.). ln Michigan, medical marihuana is currently legal, and an initiative to legalize recreational marihuana will appear on the ballot in November 2018. Due to the... Read more »

Cannabinoids 101: Primary Cannabinoids and Their Effects

BY: Gordon Rumschlag, Science Officer, Officer Arbor Botanicals Written for Publication on Abstract This white paper explains a variety of common cannabinoids traditionally found in cannabis and hemp. The paper’s detail describes the encompassing cannabinoids as a group of chemical compounds, as well as some of the more common... Read more »

Cannabis Grow Lights 101

BY: Graham Billey, Manufacturing and Quality Officer Arbor Botanicals Written for Publication on Abstract Light is crucial to your grow. Without a lot of bright light even healthy cannabis plants won't produce much bud. if you don't have the luxury of growing outside in the natural sunshine, then your... Read more »

Seed-to-Sale Software: A Buyers Guide

As the cannabis industry grows larger, more competitive, and – we daresay – “greener,” so does the need for technology that supports cannabis business operations. Navigating the complex web of state regulations, while managing inventory and costs, takes time and energy — often at the expense of creating or growing... Read more »
6 Business Software Must-Haves To Grow Your Cannabusiness

6 Business Software Must-Haves To Grow Your Cannabusiness

Cannabusinesses are one of the biggest drivers of economic growth in the United States In just the past three years, industry employment has grown 110%. That’s faster than the ten year projections for the trendy sectors of solar, wind power, and health care. And it’s why the industry was estimated... Read more »

Cannabis Industry Security Plans – State Today and Fed Tomorrow, Are You Ready?

The ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION recently released the “CONDITIONAL ADULT USE DISPENSING ORGANIZATION LICENSE –APPLICATION FORM.” The Security Plan Section has the largest page limit (50 Pages) of any section in the application (20 pages more than the Business Plan Section). Do you have an experienced cannabis... Read more »