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Leafly Reports: What are the strongest cannabis strains?

Many cannabis consumers are looking for strains that are more potent. Here are Leafly’s suggestions. According to Bailey Rahn with Leafly: “Looking for a weed strain that will challenge your tolerance or stand up to stubborn medical symptoms? Readers ask us all the time which strains are the most potent,… Read more »

‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype Smashed By Study Finding Marijuana Consumers Exercise More

As cannabis use increases, users are beginning to crack the façade of many stereotypes. According to Ben Adlin with Marijuana Moment: “Does marijuana ruin an exercise routine? You might be surprised. A new study of older Americans found that cannabis consumers tended to do more formal exercise and engage in… Read more »

4 Proven Strategies For Marketing To The B2B Cannabis Industry

Marketing in the Cannabis Industry has its own challenges, especially in the B2B market. Here are four strategies to help. According to Taylor Haynes with Green Entrepreneur: “The cannabis industry is maturing. In most Americans’ eyes, it’s no longer the reviled “gateway drug” of the Reagan years, nor is it… Read more »

Cannabinoids and The Immune System

Researchers are continuing to study the relationship between cannabinoids and the immune system. According to “Inflammation is the body’s response to some type of abnormality or infection. The reason your lymph-nodes become swollen when you are sick is because white blood cells are congregating in large numbers to prepare… Read more »

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Reschedules 2020 Expo Series to 2021

July 15, 2020 - Clio, Mich. With the ever-changing 2020 health and business environment, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace has shifted all remaining 2020 expos to 2021. To ensure we provide safe and result-yielding expositions for the cannabusiness community, we believe this is the best path.  Our 2021 show schedule is robust... Read more »

Taking The First Steps In A Legal Cannabis Business

Looking to get your feet wet in the legal cannabis market? Here is some advice. According to Green Market Report: “Many people think of setting up a prosperous business at some point in their lives. Ideally, it should be relatively easy to manage, free of extra costs, and, of course,… Read more »

The Stoned Age: Why Cannabis Marketing Needs a Refresh

Cannabis culture has come a long way and the way the product is marketed now that the market is legal in most states has to adapt as well. According to B&T Magazine: “The global cannabis market is set to light up, with an estimated worth of $98 billion by 2025…. Read more »

Al Harrington Launches Cannabis Incubator for Black Entrepreneurs

A former player in the NBA, Al Harrington, has launched a cannabis incubator for Black entrepreneurs. According to TG Branfalt with “Former National Basketball Association player turned cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington is launching an incubator program for 100 Black individuals to enter the industry, CNBC reports. Harrington, CEO of… Read more »

Advice For Cannabis And CBD Advertising and Marketing

Are you in advertising and marketing for a cannabis or CBD company? Here is some advice. According to Forbes: “Jon Lowen, co-founder of Surfside.IO , a marketing platform in New York, works with cannabis industry companies on their marketing, branding, and advertising projects. He’s seen and worked through marijuana, CBD… Read more »

Cannabis Sales Continue to Soar Through The Pandemic

One industry that has not been hit as hard by COVID-19? Cannabis. According to Green Entrepreneur: “Every day, people across the United States demonstrate how legal cannabis could save the nation’s economy from the virus-caused downtown. They do so by buying record amounts of weed. “Almost all legal cannabis states… Read more »

Cresco Labs Appoints NBA Players Association Boss to Its Board

Michele Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, has been appointed to the board of Cresco Labs. According to “Cresco Labs has appointed longtime trial lawyer and Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association Michele Roberts to its board. She is the first woman and person… Read more »

3 Tips To Futurize Your CannaBusiness With Artificial Intelligence

Looking into AI for your cannabusiness? Here are some tips to consider. According to Green Entrepreneur: “Cannabis is all the rage these days. In fact, Grand View Research reports that the global legal marijuana market is expected to hit USD $146.4 billion by 2025, meaning your CannaBusiness is either at… Read more »

Japanese Company Reportedly Creates Orange Peel-Derived CBD

One Japanese company has found a source of CBD that is not from cannabis or hemp, but from oranges. According to “Japan-based Hiro International has produced CBD oil from orange peels, unveiling the product at the Cosme Tokyo cosmetics trade show, according to a Hanf magazine report. Hiro Spokesperson… Read more »

Michigan Marijuana Market ‘Maturing Rapidly’ But Faces Barriers To Growth, State Report Finds

The Michigan cannabis market has seen some growth, but there are still some roadblocks in the way of more. According to Marijuana Moment: “Michigan’s marijuana market is ‘maturing rapidly’ and stands to become a major component of the state’s economy, according to a new report commissioned by the state cannabis… Read more »

8 Important Marketing Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries

Running a dispensary? Here are some important marketing tips. According to Green Market Report: “Operating a cannabis dispensary can be a lucrative business, but only if people know it exists—and prefer it to other dispensaries in the area. Just selling cannabis isn’t enough to get you the profitability and sustainability… Read more »