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4 Ways CBD Brands Can Market Responsibly Right Now

Now more than ever, marketing messages need to be carefully crafted. Here are some tips for CBD brands. According to Chidike Samuelson with Green Entrepreneur: “The COVID-19 epidemic has affected businesses of all kinds. But CBD-based businesses have seen an unprecedented upsurge in demand for their services, as more and… Read more »

3 Key Ways Marketing And Communications Have Evolved In Cannabis

As the cannabusiness market has grown, key changes have occurred in marketing and communication. According to Matt Rizzetta: “We’ve been fortunate to have had a front-row seat to witness the emergence of the legal cannabis industry in the media over the past several years. Back in 2015, we started to… Read more »

Five Do’s and Don’ts of Networking In The New Normal

Navigating how to network during our new normal can be challenging. Here are some do’s and don’ts. According to Shawna Vercher, guest writer with Green Entrepreneur: “Networking has been a key part of business growth and client relationships in nearly every industry. Now, with conferences indefinitely postponed, monthly mixers evaporating,… Read more »

Leafly Reports: COVID-19: How cannabis companies are helping in the crisis

Cannabis companies are among the many businesses stepping up to help their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to David Downs with Leafly: “During World War II, America crushed fascism by repurposing automobile factories into making fighters and bombers. “In today’s war on COVID-19, America’s $10.73 billion legal marijuana sector… Read more »

WeedMaps Reports: WTF is Nano CBD? We asked some experts.

Chances are you have heard of CBD, but what about Nano CBD? WeedMaps investiages. According to Erin Hiatt with WeedMaps: “CBD, more formally known as cannabidiol, is everywhere. Given the incredible enthusiasm, you would never guess that CBD is not exactly legal, leaving CBD purveyors in a legal grey area…. Read more »

How To Find The CBD Dosage That’s Best For You

Consumers looking to use cannabidiol (CBD) might be unsure of what dosage to try. Here is a guide on how to find the right dosage. According to CBD Health and Wellness: “CBD can affect each individual differently, with some people finding a bit of relief with a 5mg microdose (or… Read more »

Helping the Cannabusiness Community

As the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared in the United States and as states went under stay-at-home orders, it was unclear how the cannabis industry would fare. As many states gave cannabis “essential” status and cannabusinesses saw an increase in sales, conversations around the importance of the plant to the nation’s… Read more »

WeedMaps Presents: How to Save Money with Crumble

Consumers across the nation are looking for ways to save money, and that includes cannabis consumers. Here’s a look at how to save money with crumble. As reported by Ashlee Nolan with WeedMaps: “There comes a time in every stoner’s life when both the weed budget and your supply are… Read more »

These are the 20 Best CBD Gummies On the Market

So you have heard about cannabidiol (CBD) gummies, but how do you find the best? Here are 20 different options to consider. According to Verma Farms for Whether you’re riding a wave of anxiety or managing stiff muscles, CBD can help. This natural compound derived from the hemp plant… Read more »

High Times Presents: The Truth About LED Grow Lights

When it comes to grow lights, there are different options on the market, so doing your research is vital. Here is more on LED Grow Lights. According to High Times: “As the cannabis industry grows all over the world, more and more growers, both commercial and home, are using LED… Read more »

CBD – Antibacterial Agent?

There are many different uses for cannabidiol (CBD), but is it an antibacterial agent? According to Loren Devito, PhD: “Evidence to date “Cannabidiol (CBD) can do wonders for the body and brain. And cumulative clinical evidence is substantiating many anecdotal tales from daily CBD users. But, while many satisfied CBD… Read more »

The Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide: Lighters and Torches

Looking for a lighter that will last or just looking to add something cool to your collection? Check out WeedMaps’ guide. According to WeedMaps‘ Buyers’ Guide: “In the world of weed accessories, designer lighters and torches are far less popular than swaggy stoner favorites like smoking devices, smell-proof gear, and… Read more »

Ganjapreneur Presents: Understanding the Cannabis Light Cycle to Improve Yield

When it comes to your grow op, there are many variables to consider including light. Here are some tips on understanding the light cycle of cannabis. As reported by Ganjapreneur: “The most important part of growing cannabis is getting a favorable yield that brings smiles and profit when it’s time… Read more »

How To Find a CBD Product That Works

Cannabidiol (CBD), one of many phytocannabinoids found in cannabis that does not contain psycho-active properties, has gained in popularity. But how do you find a CBD product that works for you? According to Sorse and presented by Bon Appetit: “Imagine this scenario—you’re scanning the beverage aisle at your local grocery… Read more »

Cannabis May Help Veterans With PTSD. And Lawmakers May Be Acknowledging That

Cannabis has been used to treat a slew of physical and mental ailments. Now, lawmakers could be acknowledging that the plant may help veterans with PTSD. According to Forbes Contributor Joan Oleck: “After 17 years in the military and Special Forces deployments in nearly every terrorist hot spot on Earth,… Read more »