REPORT: Following Failed Attempt, New Jersey Working On Plan B for Legal Marijuana

New Jersey tried to legalize marijuana this past month, but the plan didn’t go through. Now the state is formulating a second attempt, but it could backfire if not properly executed. The following is a re-post of an article written by Payton Guiton for NJ Advance Media (NJ.com) For more… Read more »

REPORT: Maine Finally Sets Rules Regulating Marijuana, Cannabis

In 2016, Maine legalized marijuana. However, the state never set firm guidelines, creating a rather gray area when it came to policy. This week, Maine finally got around to establishing rules pertaining to licensing and other specific areas of the quickly growing cannabis industry. The following is a re-post of… Read more »

REPORT: More Colleges and Universities in Illinois Offering Cannabis Cultivation Classes

The cannabis market is valued at billions of dollars. That’s today… in 2019. But imagine what it could be in 2029, or beyond? Far more than just medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis (marijuana/hemp) has always offered industrial value, such as hemp for ropes and other materials. The cannabis sector needs… Read more »

REPORT: Canadian Cannabis Consumers Shying Away from Legal Marijuana

As the legal cannabis market tries to grow in Canada, many marijuana consumers are sticking the the black market. The following is a re-post of an article written by Leyland Cecco of The Guardian For more cannabis/marijuana-related business, political, legal and medical news, click here When Melissa, a resident of Halifax,… Read more »

2019 OKCannabis Tulsa Expo: Images, Quotes and Notes from Oklahoma B2B

TULSA, Okla. — This past week, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace gathered insiders and experts for the first-ever marijuana industry business-to-business event in Oklahoma. The two-day gala — held April 3 and 4 at Central Park Hall — featured guest speakers, entrepreneurs, accountants, attorneys and an assortment of local and national patrons…. Read more »

REPORT: Program in Illinois Allows Patients to Substitute Marijuana for Opiods

One of the biggest “selling points” of medical marijuana is its ability to replace addictive and sometimes dangerous opiod prescriptions. Patients from all corners of the globe have sang the praises of the benefits of using cannabis in favor of pharmaceuticals. In Illinois, a program has been created to assist… Read more »

Looking at What’s Going on With National Marijuana Laws

Marijuana and cannabis laws are changing across the country. From medical to recreational, to commercial and private issues, here is a look at what’s happening, state-to-state. The following is a re-post of an article written by Carly Wolf of NORML For more cannabis/marijuana-related business, law and medical news, click here U.S…. Read more »

REPORT: St. Louis to Open First Marijuana, Cannabis-Themed Restaurant

Downtown St. Louis will soon have another dining option, as Fried is slated to open this week. And it’s not just another restaurant; its menu consists of cannabis-infused dishes such as “nugs” of chicken. The following is a re-post of an article written by Lauren Healey of Sauce Magazine For… Read more »

Edible Marijuana, Cannabis Market is Quickly Expanding in Michigan

The edible-marijuana market is about to expand in Michigan, where medicinal and recreational cannabis have been legalized. The following is a re-post of an article written by Kathleen Gray of the Detroit Free Press For more cannabis/marijuana-related business, law and medical news, click here In a growing number of spic-and-span kitchens… Read more »

REPORT: Risks of Smoking Marijuana Could Be ‘Far Lower’ Than Smoking Tobacco

Science is debating whether or not there is a “safe” amount in regard to smoking marijuana/cannabis. While inhaling smoke into the lungs is unhealthy by most standards, the use of marijuana compared to tobacco could end up being far less dangerous/unhealthy, according to a recent report. The following is a… Read more »

Washington State University Study Shows Decrease in Teen Marijuana Use Following Legalization

For those who thought the legalization of cannabis would increase usage among youth… well, that may not be true. According to a recent study by Washington State University, there is no direct link — or indirect, at that — between legalization and underage consumption of marijuana products in the state… Read more »

REPORT: Vets Don’t Know What to Think About People Treating Pets with Marijuana

Medicinal marijuana has opened doors for those seeking alternative treatment. For some, it works much better than traditional means. But what about pets? Is that safe? Vets aren’t too sure about that. The following is a re-post of an article written by Naomi Martin of the Boston Globe For more… Read more »

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Welcomes Public for Educational Session

This Ohio medical marijuana dispensary may end up helping start a trend among other facilities: Welcoming the general public for a tour/education session seems like a good way to introduce and get to know those in the community. The following is a re-post of an article written by Bob Gaetjens… Read more »

REPORT: Michigan Allowing 50 Unlicensed Dispensaries to Remain Open Post-Deadline

The following is a re-post of an article posted on Marijuana Business Daily  For more cannabis/marijuana-related business and law news, click here Michigan regulators are permitting roughly 50 unlicensed medical cannabis dispensaries to remain open past a March 31 deadline, in compliance with a judge’s decision. The state’s Bureau of Marijuana Regulation… Read more »

REPORT: Massive Amounts of CBD Products is Topic of Discussion for FDA

Dispensaries aren’t the only ones involved with CBD-based products. This past week, CVS and Walgreens announced that they would carry CBD-infused products, making them available at the local corner rather than a medical cannabis facility. This has prompted major discussion and the FDA is getting involved to un-blur the line…. Read more »