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Boston’s First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Opens

The city of Boston’s first recreational dispensary opened earlier this month. According to Cameron Sperance with Bisnow Boston: “The Dorchester-Roxbury border is on track to be home to the first recreational cannabis dispensary inside Boston city limits.  The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission gave final approval Thursday for Pure Oasis to… Read more »

Ohio cannabis legalization effort gets underway

The legalization effort in Ohio has gained momentum. According to The Associated Press and reported by Leafly: “A new effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio got underway in the state… “Backers of a measure called the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Amendment submitted the initial petition and 1,000 signatures to… Read more »

Cannabis Brands Making Sanitizer & Donating Equipment In Coronavirus Fight

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the nation, cannabis companies around the United States are stepping up to meet demand. As reported by TG Branfalt with “Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Dispensary Association is partnering with the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association to make hand sanitizer and other cannabis companies around the… Read more »

Clio-area marijuana dispensary begins delivery service

One dispensary in Clio offers delivery service amid COVID-19 pandemic. As reported by Winter Keefer with MLive: “A local dispensary moved up its date to begin home delivery amid the COVID-19 crisis. “Freddie’s, located at 10092 N Dort Highway, started home delivery Tuesday, March 31, for both medical and recreational… Read more »

Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Officially Passes Vermont House Of Representatives

Residents in the state of Vermont should start to see the retail sale of marijuana following the approval of a bill in the Vermont House of Representatives. According to Kyle Jaeger with Marijuana Moment: “The Vermont House of Representatives finalized its approval of a bill to legalize the retail sale… Read more »

Michigan marijuana dispensaries are booming, in part due to boomers

What might surprise some is that Michigan’s dispensaries are doing well due to the patronage of boomers. According to DJ Manou with WSBT 22: “Marijuana dispensaries in Michigan are seeing more people turning to the drug for medical reasons. A study shows more senior citizens are giving it a try…. Read more »

Human Biology Major Seeks to Apply Cannabis Compounds to Epilepsy

One student at the University of Virginia is looking to apply some of the compounds found in cannabis to the treatment of epilepsy. According to Matt Kelly with the University of Virginia: “A self-professed ‘science kid,’ Brett Goerl’s early inspiration was neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. Now with plans to become… Read more »

CNN Reports: Struggling cannabis retailer Medmen wants to fix things by keeping it simple

MedMen, a cannabis retailer, is getting back on track by keeping it simple. As reported by Alicia Wallace with CNN Business: “To survive, MedMen Enterprises (MMNFF) plans to simplify. “The popular, yet troubled, cannabis dispensary chain wants to get out of the business of growing and producing cannabis so it… Read more »

Leafly Presents: Women and Weed: A history of cannabis and women’s health

Even though marijuana has gained recent popularity, women have been using the plant for years for various aliments. According to Colleen Fisher Tully with Leafly: “A trophy-shaped organ deserving of such a merit, the uterus does so much more than house developing humans. This muscular organ has its own nervous… Read more »

Medical marijuana is third in revenue in Maine

As marijuana in some form has been legalized in many states across the nation, some may be shocked to hear that in Maine, the plant is the third largest industry in the state. According to Samantha York and Julie Sherburne with NBC News Center Maine: “Maine’s medical marijuana industry is… Read more »

USDA Announces Two Temporary Changes To Restrictive Hemp Rules

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rolled out two changes to some of its hemp regulations. According to Kyle Jaeger with Marijuana Moment: “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Thursday that it will be temporarily delaying enforcement of two provisions of its hemp regulations. “Hemp producers will not… Read more »

New Law Brings Texas One Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

A new law in Texas means residents of the Lone Star state are closer to legal cannabis. According to Will Maddox with D Magazine: “Texas is one step closer to joining the 34 states where medicinal marijuana is legal after state legislators passed a law written by North Texas Republican… Read more »

Goodbye to marijuana drug testing at work?

As the legalization of marijuana spreads across the United States, some wonder if workplace policies will begin to change, including drug testing. According to Kimberly Leonard with Washington Examiner: “There’s no shortage of online advice for beating an employer drug test meant to check for marijuana use, whether it’s getting… Read more »

Banning CBD Products Would Be ‘A Fool’s Game,’ FDA Chief Admits

As regulations around cannabis and hemp loosen, some are paying more attention to CBD and products that contain CBD. According to Ben Adlin with Marijuana Moment: “Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are here to stay, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn acknowledged on Wednesday, calling it ‘a fool’s game’… Read more »

What marijuana companies can learn from federal legalization of hemp

The marijuana industry can learn something from the federal legalization of the plant’s relative: hemp. According to Jeff Smith with Marijuana Business Daily: (This is the second in a series of stories from Marijuana Business Daily considering the current U.S. federal marijuana reform landscape. Click here to read the first… Read more »