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Cannabis Grow Lights 101

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BY: Graham Billey, Manufacturing and Quality Officer Arbor Botanicals
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Light is crucial to your grow. Without a lot of bright light even healthy cannabis plants won’t produce much bud. if you don’t have the luxury of growing outside in the natural sunshine, then your lighting system can make or break your grow.

Like most plants, Cannabis Sativa uses photosynthesis to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into plant material. The energy from photosynthesis is supplied by light, but that is not the only consideration when setting up a grow room. Like other short-day plants, cannabis uses light cycles to determine when to switch from growth to flowering. Plants can sense light of many different wavelengths, and interpret different wavelengths as signals to change their behavior. For example, cannabis plants contain cytochromes, which are blue light receptors. Blue light doesn’t fuel photosynthesis directly, but it helps the plants keep track of their internal clock. Cannabis plants also contain phytochromes which are red light receptors. Red light regulates many stages of plant development from germination through flowering, and there’s also evidence that it helps plants sense temperature. While considering the lights you need for your grow, it’s important to understand that photosynthesis is not the only way plants use light.

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